WannaCry Success Indicates Complacency In Online Security




  Ransomware is no joke to begin with and this latest immense example has evidently forced a massive number of people to face that reality rather abruptly. The biggest question from a security standpoint is: Why did this even happen? I can think of two good reasons why it should NOT have happened, both of which are focused on standard operating procedures when it comes to maintaining a healthy computing environment. Windows Operating Systems have always had security flaws which ended up having to be patched by Microsoft, sometimes quicker and other times not so quick however the flaw which WannaCry exploited WAS PATCHED by Microsoft last month! Simply following basic online security procedures would have prevented the WannaCry ransomware from infecting a given computer system. The other good reason this should not have happened - especially on the scale that this global infection has occurred - is that if proper backup procedures were followed then the WannaCry infection could easily be eradicated by restoring the most recent (or at least a recent) backup. The only uncertainty there is when the infection actually got in as opposed to when the payload executed. These two factors make it clear that WannaCry success indicates complacency in Online Security.


Windows 10 Gaming Settings Include Cool Tech For Newer PCs


Windows 10 Gaming


  Windows 10 recently introduced a new Settings panel just for Gaming and some of what that includes is pretty cool as long as you have the right hardware. Although Windows 10 has its own requirements to run on a given machine there are other specific requirements which must be met in order to support certain features such as the Windows 10 Game DVR and Broadcasting. These are examples of cool tech which have been available in different forms for some time but have never been built into any Windows OS prior to now. For those gamers who now use Windows 10 and those who will by the time Windows 7 reaches its end of support in 2020 these are the types of things many will likely appreciate. Windows 10 Gaming Settings also gives the gamer the ability to choose their own key shortcuts where for instance Win+G is the default to open the Game bar any gamer can change that in the gaming settings. All of these things point to how Windows 10 Gaming Settings include cool Tech for newer PCs.


IoT Malware Threat Presents New Destructive Behavior In DVRs


IoT Malware


  Security researchers have identified a threat which has recently evolved to a point where it can be destructive in nature and formed a Botnet. This threat differs from many in that it does not target Microsoft Windows systems, rather it infects Linux based systems which many IoT devices such as CCTV DVRs utilize. Palo Alto Networks has discovered this newest malware quite recently however this IoT malware threat exploits a vulnerability which was originally discovered a year ago. Clearly much of the problem lies in the fact that this remote code execution vulnerability has not been patched by either the manufacturer or any of the some 70 vendors known to brand these DVRs to date. Given that this IoT malware threat (named Amnesia by Palo Alto Networks) has the ability to detect if it is running in a Virtual Linux system and wipe critical files within it is clear that this IoT Malware threat presents new destructive behavior in DVRs.


Walmart Seeks To Foster Tech Innovators For Retail Industry




  With the implementation of what Walmart is calling Store N° 8 the world's largest retailer hopes to draw as many tech innovators as it can into its fold to develop what it hopes will be a new generation of the retail industry. Store N°8 is not a "store" where one would go to make purchases it is rather an innovation hub where the currently assembled team will help those who also want to change the way the world shops for the better. In fact, according to their website, "At Store N° 8 we are hyperfocused on discovering the ideas, people and technologies that won’t just transform the future of retail, but will also change the world." Although that may seem bold and even audacious it does indicate that Walmart seeks to foster tech innovators for the retail industry.


Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds Are Showing Off New Tech


Insider Build 15048


  The last few months have seen Microsoft striving to improve the Windows 10 experience, at least for registered Windows Insiders. This of course will allow for testing of new features by those who are accustomed to working in a potentially unstable environment to the end of determining how it can be made stable. Some of these new features are things which can be used and tested immediately but others such as Windows 10 Braille support (introduced in February 2017 with Build 15025) require additional software which must be installed. This is also true when it comes to the Microsoft Edge browser because it now allows many extensions which had previously been precluded. All in all there are many new features indicating that Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds are showing off new tech.