Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds Are Showing Off New Tech


Insider Build 15048


  The last few months have seen Microsoft striving to improve the Windows 10 experience, at least for registered Windows Insiders. This of course will allow for testing of new features by those who are accustomed to working in a potentially unstable environment to the end of determining how it can be made stable. Some of these new features are things which can be used and tested immediately but others such as Windows 10 Braille support (introduced in February 2017 with Build 15025) require additional software which must be installed. This is also true when it comes to the Microsoft Edge browser because it now allows many extensions which had previously been precluded. All in all there are many new features indicating that Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds are showing off new tech.



The Windows 10 Creators Update


Creators Update


  The Windows 10 Insider Build 15048 delivers parts of the long awaited and highly touted (by Microsoft) Windows 10 Creators Update. It's interesting to note that gaming is a big part of this, in fact big enough to warrant its own Gaming Settings tile. Aside from Braille support and Gaming control enhancements as well as other improvements it really seems that there is a big push toward expanding the capabilities of Microsoft Edge. Edge had been criticized for many reasons not the least of which had been the preclusion of several extensions many people take for granted with other web browsers. Microsoft Edge now does include support for many extensions including Adobe Flash (although you will likely have to enable it in Edge's advanced settings). This alone is likely to be a very welcomed improvement for many Windows 10 users. The slideshow below displays some of the new features included in the Windows 10 Creators Update.


  • Windows10 Braille
  • Insider Build 15048
  • Creators Settings
  • Creators Game Settings


  As the Windows 10 Creators Update evolves through more Insider Build releases it will be interesting to see how much it actually improves. Edge will likely add more functions beyond new things such as "Reading Aloud" and reading e-books within the browser, Cortana will likely get smarter and Gaming will inevitably (one might think) go beyond the current Gaming DVR and Broadcasting capabilities (with the right equipment) and totally support Virtual Reality Setups. One thing to remember here is that this is all still in Beta form meaning it is intended to be tested as is before being released to the public. Whereas Microsoft is likely feeling rather pressured to get this right and delivered to the public (currently perhaps April 2017) it is entirely possible that mishaps will occur such as in Insider Build 15055. Can you say Typo? Click on the image below for a little laugh :-)


Creators settings up