Microsoft Will Prompt Windows 7 Users Toward Windows 10 In April




  This is definitely a gray area and something which will likely not be welcomed by many Windows 7 users, especially those who hold it near and dear and don't relish the thought of losing it. The image above perhaps reflects the thought of going from something considered stable to something considered "sketchy" but that is the only intended inference and we must remember that Windows 10 is the current and only Microsoft OS for the foreseeable future at this time. You can get used to it and many aspects are improvements so Microsoft has decided it's time to give Windows 7 users a little nudge toward adopting Windows 10 and according to a Microsoft Blog entitled "Making the transition to Windows 10 and Office 365" by Matt Barlow (Corporate Vice President, Windows) they will begin doing exactly that next month. It is stated in that blog that "you can expect to see a notification appear on your Windows 7 PC" and it's described as a courtesy reminder. What is clear about this is that Microsoft wants everybody moved over to Windows 10 (and Office 365) as soon as they can make it happen and they will be certain you are reminded of that fact using this transition to Windows 10 and Office 365 notification.



  The transition to Windows 10 and Office 365 notification is set to appear ONLY on Windows 7 PCs - at least according to said blog - no mention was made of Windows 8 or any other OS. If you remember getting notifications during the "free update to Windows 10 " period in recent history you may have been irritated by that as many were but this notification is cited to have a "do not notify me again" option which should at least make it a temporary thing. Barlow states that this new Windows 10 notification would only appear a handful of times in 2019 anyway but that's not exactly a defined number now is it. Beyond that, the Blog by Mr. Barlow focuses toward Windows 10 and Office 365 further by indicating that hardware changes as does software and points toward Microsoft's new hardware options (using Windows 10 and Office 365). Microsoft has indicated that installing Windows 10 on an existing computer is possible but not recommended.


  So it seems the road to Windows 10 is nearing completion at least from the perspective Microsoft holds but do not forget that although support for Windows 7 will officially end as of January 14, 2020 there are third party vendors who stepped up to help secure Windows XP after its support ended and that will likely be the case for Windows 7. This is a favorite for many PC users and has been so for roughly a decade so it will NOT simply go away or disappear into the night because people will fight to retain that which they respect and are willing to expend effort to retain. Windows 10 is here and will be for some time to come - however - the same, to one extent or another, may well also be true for Windows 7.




Matt Barlow's Blog 03/12/2019


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