One of the newest pieces of equipment out there in the world of computing devices is something called "Hybrid Ultrabooks". It's hard to say if these nifty little computers will be of much use to the average person where so many of us already have laptops and or tablets etc. They're small they’re sleek and they will have a myriad of different configurations basically all designed for flexibility. The newest OS from Microsoft (Windows 8) is designed to take the most possible advantage of touch screen capabilities and this is something which Ultrabooks will also provide.

    Things like removable keyboards and dual sided displays will definitely have an appeal but to go the route of the hybrid Ultrabook is likely to depend on proven performance and naturally the price. Microsoft, Intel, and PC manufacturers will be putting these machines on the market and there will no doubt be many reviews to go through in helping to make a decision on whether or not to buy one of these machines. If somebody's just looking for a new toy this hybrid Ultrabook is probably going to be a great option; however, if one wants productivity more than anything else, it's hard to say at this point whether or not these will be a viable option. Take a good look at all the manufacturers and all the options to make a decision as to if one of these should be your next purchase.