Shhh! There's Been CYBER ATTACKS!


   According to leading security experts, there is a large number of U.S. companies have not disclosed security breaches of their computer systems, in spite of the fact that U.S. securities regulators issued guidelines on disclosing cyber attacks.Many of the same experts are calling for more rigorous rules and enforcement because they claim to know of many cyber intrusions and other computing/networking security issues that have not been revealed. Cybersecurity consultants and U.S. government officials and  have been raising alarms about the growing sophistication of attacks on all computer networks in general.The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued guidance on October 13, 2011 that outlined how and when companies should report intrusions and their networks and their overall security health. This did not establish new rules, and it's likely that many corporations do not want the embarrassment of releasing such information.

    It is entirely likely that due to the recent increase in cyber attacks based in China several corporations could potentially have lost proprietary information, perhaps including secure data to these attacks.One thing the corporations might want to consider is the fact that if all of this information were revealed to the government, it could well be used by the government to help prevent such attacks in the future. This alone may not be enough reason for corporations to reveal what they claim to be material in nature, and it may take multiple intrusions to make corporations realize how risky the security situations actually are. One might hope that said corporations don't continue to "whistle past the graveyard" regarding security issues to the point where they suffer some very serious kind of intrusion.