Want Windows 8? It'll only cost you $40

*Please note this offer has ended*

   If you're considering an upgrade to Windows 8 this fall, Microsoft just made the option much cheaper. The software giant announced Monday that anyone running Windows XP or a more recent version can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $40. This represents a major digression from what Microsoft typically charges customers to update their operating systems. For instance, the cheapest upgrade version of Windows 7 for those running older editions of Windows  $120 on Microsoft's online store and  upgrading from one Windows 7 version to another will set you back at least $65. Microsoft said the $40 upgrade fee is a promotional rate that will last through the end of January 2013, and it will require that users download Windows 8 over the Internet. A DVD version will be available in stores for $70 throughout the promotion.

   It does appear that Microsoft this following suit with Apple who has reduced the cost of upgrading their OS X going to Mountain Lion lonely costs $20. Microsoft does have a lot of motivation to encourage people to adopt Windows 8 as oftentimes people will shy away from new versions of Windows for some time after release. Since Windows 8 will be showing off some things that are new to the Windows OS and they're going to rely on the success of their App store, this move to reduce the price of upgrade makes perfect sense. This reduction will be even more significant for those who buy a new Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 because Microsoft will offer those people the Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $15. Imagine that - a Windows OS for $15. It's hard to say if this will become a trend (indeed doubtful) but Microsoft is making it easier for people to use the newest Windows OS by implementing a serious reduction in upgrade pricing.