83 million Facebook Accounts are Fakes and Dupes




   People should be aware of that creating a Facebook profile for your pet is actually a violation of Facebook's TOS (terms of service) and they can remove that account from public view. The roughly 83 million fake accounts consist of such things as people's pets or companies having actually created accounts as opposed to just creating a page. Resolvecomputer.com has a Facebook page which is what a website is supposed to do as opposed to having an actual account. The idea is to keep it real that is Facebook is about showing your face, showing the real you have use a fake name that puts you in one of the categories that exist among the 83 million that Facebook is attempting to categorize and rectify.

Supercomputing is Being Made Affordable



   The overall cost of producing and acquiring computer equipment has been decreasing over many years and this is also true in the realm of Supercomputing. Supercomputers were once on a level far outside the reach of even many large corporations due to costing hundreds of millions of dollars; but, that has changed due to technological advances as well as cost reduction and Supercomputing power can be rented at levels as low as around $1000/hour. A company called Cycle Computing provides such services on several levels allowing companies to avoid the multi-million dollar cost of actually building their own Supercomputer. This way, the massive power of a Supercomputer can be utilized on an as-needed basis as opposed to maintaining a high cost mega-machine on a regular basis.

Yahoo Must Choose an Ad Partner


   It does appear that Yahoo has a very distinct decision to make in the very near future: continue with Microsoft, or engage in business with Google. It is all about revenue of course and that's where Yahoo has reportedly seen fairly consistent reductions with regards to its current relationship with Microsoft. This is all about ads and a lot of people nowadays do recognize Google as perhaps the leader in online advertisement. Yahoo used to be partnered with Google if they choose to do so again it may end up producing more revenue than what they've seen in being partnered with Microsoft. This is perhaps not as cut and dry as some people might think; it is not a simple thing but rather a complex business arrangement.

Grum Botnet Shut Down

   There has been some very good advancement in the world of fighting cyber criminals and spam with the recently reported destruction of the Grum botnet. This was accomplished by a firm called Fire Eye, which has been fighting malware and spam for quite some time. This particular botnet had been responsible for millions of spam e-mail attacks over the last four years and According to Fire Eye, Grum has been eliminated. This is a time for celebration because any regular person that uses a computer and has received spam far too often should see some level of reduction in net spam because of the success of Fire Eye.

3-D Printing Has Come a Long Way


    The three-dimensional printer was initially something used primarily by industrial and architectural engineers to create prototypes. This, however, has changed. Two to three decades ago 3-D printing was primarily a thing used to create prototypes because it is complex technology and was considered very complex back in the 1980s. Due to advances in technology enabling the use of high-performance materials 3-D printing is actually something that could become a household term. It's not likely that to many people would spend upwards of $1 million for such a piece of equipment; but, it does not cost that much to buy a 3-D printer now. In fact, reports indicate that 3-D printers could be acquired for as little as $1000 and if you can actually print three dimensionally that might be of use to a fair amount of people. Research in this field is continuing and expanding to include printing of such things as batteries and even food. What was once thought to be very complex and was very expensive is now like many other things on the verge of becoming ubiquitous. Cornell University has a creative machines lab in which much of this research is being conducted and development is very promising.