IE Vulnerability Will Affect XP Users Most


   This is because Windows XP will not see updates for IE and the vulnerability is already in place. As reported earlier, zero day has happened for Windows XP and this is a very quick and nasty example of it. Any remaining XP users should move away from Internet Explorer immediately and use an alternative Internet browser.Both Chrome and Firefox will still update in the Windows XP environment.



Actions to Prevent The IE Vulnerability


   First of all, if one wishes for any reason to continue using Windows XP one should also wish NOT to automatically make it more vulnerable than it already has become. Do NOT use Internet Explorer at all, whether it's IE 6, 7, or 8 (that's it for XP) - automatic trouble now. Period. Those who may be adventurous might wish to attempt altering registry and Group Policy settings on their XP machines but that is far more troublesome than just getting another browser. If you use IE at all on Windows XP, use it to get that other browser.


  • Firefox XP
  • Firefox XP2
  • Chrome XP
  • Updating Firefox on XP and getting Chrome.
  • XP Fully Updated.
  • Chrome installed at latest version.



   Microsoft will issue patches for all current Microsoft OS, meaning Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Windows XP is no longer current. Take action if you do still use XP, one way or the other. I hear you, I loved it and still do (and I still love Windows 98) although neither can be used securely. If you cannot get rid of XP, at least get rid of IE on that machine.


   Your best options have been described here and which action(s) you take are up to you. Bear in mind the danger of continuing on a path unsecured and please make the right decisions. If you only have IE on your XP machine, you can get the latest Firefox release HERE. If you have some specific reasoning to keep IE (please don't) you can find Microsoft's mitigation instructions HERE. I, personally, would choose the first option and maybe also download Chrome as well. Stay safe and find your way into a safer future on the 'net!


* NOTE:Microsoft did in fact issue an update for XP users to resolve this issue.*