Windows 8 Pre-Orders

   The release date for Windows 8 is October 26, 2012 but as of the 12th of October it is possible to pre-order this new Microsoft OS. The option is available to get the physical DVD copy of Windows 8 Pro for $69.99, if you want to be among the first to own it. One thing to consider is that there are only 14 calendar days between the 12th and 26th, the latter being when you can get the downloadable copy of the same OS for $39.99. After it is downloaded one could naturally burn a DVD at any rate so there might be no need for any rush.

    The offer to pre-order is available in the U.S. at several retailers including the Microsoft Store, Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, and many others so if you do wish to get it, check local retailers in your area. The other offer Microsoft is making available is to those consumers who bought (since June 2, 2012) or will buy a new PC with Windows 7 to purchase Windows 8 Pro for $14.99. This is appropriate in that it includes a group of consumers who only recently purchased a system with the previous Microsoft OS, as opposed to those who have been using Windows 7 for some time. The big date to remember is when all of these offers expire which is January 31, 2013. In any case, be sure to check out reviews, talk to people who are or will shortly be using Windows 8 and decide if getting it is right for you.