Adobe Fixes Flash Player for Firefox to Stop Crashes


    Adobe has just updated Flash Player to solve a weeks-long problem for users of Mozilla's Firefox browser. Update 11.3.300.262, was released Thursday and applies only to Firefox on Windows. Since Adobe updated to Flash Player to 11.3 two weeks ago, users of the newest Firefox as well as older versions had reported crashes when trying to access Flash content. Mozilla initially suspected the new flash player sandboxed plug-in for Firefox, but Adobe stated that there were different causes for the crashes were caused by Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS issues. Mozilla has the ability to disable extensions or plug-ins by adding them to the Firefox add-on blocklist. Firefox automatically queries the list and notify users before disabling the targeted add-ons. Through all the finger-pointing between Mozilla and Adobe, the crashes have been worked out but one never knows when future crashes may well occur.




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