New Edge Browser Still Not Allowing Extensions


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  Microsoft's new web browser for Windows 10 is sleek and powerful with additions unlike any other browser. What is also unlike any other browser is the fact that Edge does not allow extensions or plugins. Since Edge is made the default browser in Windows 10 that leads some antivirus and other normally useful software to prompt for a change of default browser. Is Microsoft planning on an update to change this? Well it's been a few weeks since the public release of Windows 10 and there have been several updates issued but the Edge browser remains non-extensible. Symantec's Norton Antivirus is a well respected software vendor and has been used in the Windows operating systems for many years however they don't like the idea of people using a web browser which they cannot protect. Want java? Not currently happening with the Edge browser. Do you want to keep using Edge as your default? If you do, well that leaves only Microsoft to protect your web browsing but if you'd rather use Firefox or Chrome you can change it easily.



How To Change The Default Web Browser In Windows 10






  If these issues give you cause for concern, it's not like you can't use Edge but maybe you would prefer something else, especially if you were using Firefox or Chrome as your default web browser prior to updating/upgrading to Windows 10. Mozilla has taken issue with Microsoft's decision to overwrite anyone's choice to set their preference and it makes sense for you to choose what you want to use. Right? Right. So if you like Edge and want to keep it as your default, please do so -- if not, simply open the Windows 10 Start menu and choose Settings. Then choose the System Settings and go to Default Apps. Where you see Edge showing as the browser, click on it to bring up the list of browsers currently installed on your system. Choose the one you want, typically including Explorer as well as any others. Then you have your own choice as opposed to anyone telling you what to do. See the slideshow below, it's pretty straightforward stuff.


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