Windows "Threshold" Approaching Fast


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  The newest Microsoft Operating System is reportedly very close to being released and is on pace to comparatively be the quickest release of any Microsoft OS predecessor. Threshold is reportedly the current Microsoft internal codename for what most are calling Windows 9, and it is reported that Microsoft will release it in some initial form around the end of this coming September (perhaps the 30th or early October). Although the actual name of the new release is not certain (remember Windows Blue?) it is arguable that using a non-numeric nomenclature would serve to more easily allow people to forget Windows 8, which has made many people scratch their heads in the least. So what will Windows Threshold/Windows 9 be?



   It is very likely that the Windows 8 Charms Bar will no longer be there, but multiple Virtual Desktops are reportedly part of this new OS. This means improvement. The charms were useful from the "touch-centric" perspective that Windows 8 embraced but the simple fact is that although it can be nice on a touch screen, someone using a mouse is less likely to be impressed and most PC users do use a mouse. Virtual desktops, meaning separate desktops you can switch between easily as switching between open documents, will be a welcomed thing by many multitasking PC users (and have been a part of Mac OS and Linux OS for years)making the newest Windows look even better. Is Microsoft about to get with the program?



   It has also been reported that interactive Live Tiles will be a part of Windows Threshold/Windows 9 and that aspect will retain some of the useful things found in Windows 8.1. There will be a new Start Menu which is something many felt was sorely missed, to the point of several software vendors offering (sometimes free) compatible Start Menu plugins for Windows 8/8.1. This type of option should not be necessary from what we're seeing reported about Threshold and if Microsoft really wants to improve their newest OS to the point of nearly every PC user liking it, they would hopefully heed all the advice of both seasoned PC Pros and everyday PC users in making a product with what is needed, not what is difficult to use. Microsoft is making haste to move beyond Windows 8 and "Threshold" might just be their solution to that problem.


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