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Neverquest is a Viral Threat


   Kaspersky Labs has recently made some progress in determining what certain cyber criminal organizations are doing. This unfortunately has discovered an advancement in the realm of threats to online banking, including a very disturbing and potentially viral threat known as Neverquest. If infected by the Neverquest malware a user connecting to a bank or payment center that has been compromised as well would be subject to that connection being compromised by the malicious users involved with propagating Neverquest.

   This is a very complex malware infection and according to Kaspersky the program is called Trojan-Banker.Win32/64 and it has not yet realized anywhere near its full potential. This is another clear and present danger in cyberspace which remains essentially unchecked to this point. It is likely that in order to avoid infection completely some relatively severe actions will need to be taken. Much like Cryptolocker, Neverquest will execute in a certain manner that everyday PC users would not be prepared to prevent. Sometimes there is a difference between detecting and preventing such severe malware infections as these.



The Theft Which Neverquest Commits


   Make no mistake, Neverquest is the very intelligent brainchild of thieves. These thieves are not ordinary; rather, they are highly proficient software engineers and thier brainchild is ruthlessly pursuing ways to steal form you, me, and anyone it can compromise. The Neverquest thieves have a network unto themselves, other networks which they utilize in conjunction with other theives, and they engage in buying and selling databases of information used to access bank accounts as well as other sensitive documents.


   Given the fact that this time of year - throughout the Holidays - involves heightened banking activity, it logically follows that Neverquest will be hard at work trying to compromise anything it deems worth pursuing. Kaspersky Labs specifically indicates an expected surge in Neverquest infections through the end of the year, which means it is VERY IMPORTANT to use a secure browser with a good security software (controlling the browser) implemented. Kaspersky has delved eeeply into what Neverquest is, how it works, and how it can be mitigated.Read much more about this virus from Kaspersky.