Windows 10 Technical Preview Now Available


  No more speculating on what the "new Windows" will be named - Microsoft released the Windows 10 Technical Preview yesterday for those who wish to evaluate it and essentially help them develop Windows 10. Microsoft has moved things up a notch (or maybe that's 1.9 notches) by skipping over what might have been named Windows 9 and gaining a degree of separation from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. This Technical Preview is really exactly that, meaning two basic things: To use this software requires a certain level of Technical capability, AND it is only a Preview of what Windows 10 will eventually become. There are definitive caveats which accompany downloading and using the Windows 10 Technical Preview, so please do be very careful as to how you might proceed if you decide to become a Windows Insider and actually use this software. Please note that to use the Windows 10 Technical Preview you must have a computer currently running either Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8/8.1.



  The very first thing to consider is the potential for instability and literal failure of this software; therefor, no attempt to use it should be made without first heeding the following guidelines: Please do NOT use the only computer you may have at your disposal. Just DON'T. Too much in the way of variables to predict any outcomes at all. Understand that while using this Preview, Microsoft will need to examine the system files of the computer in use so if you have privacy concerns on a given machine, don't use it for this purpose. Any computer you decide to use must be fully backed up not only out of common sense but because the only way you could otherwise go back to what you had been using would be with an Operating System Installation Disk. Make a backup, make recovery media, do all the things prudent to protect what had been there on the machine.



  If you decide to download and install the Windows 10 Technical Preview and you have the prerequisite skills, the patience and fortitude to deal with multiple updates and potential crashes/failures, the right equipment to facilitate all of the above and the desire to help develop Windows 10 - it can be done. Just visit the Microsoft Windows Preview site and follow the instructions there. It will work after downloading the Windows Technical Preview (4.64 MB) file and executing it.

    ***The following is what occurred using Windows 7 Ultimate {64-bit} as the host platform***

  After a few moments you will be prompted to reboot and when the computer restarts Windows Update will open. The update called by the program you just ran will then ensue and install the Windows 10 Technical Preview as any other Windows Update. It is approximately 3GB, and the overall process does take a couple of hours including all subsequent reboots and system integration. There is also the option to use ISO files if you wish and the links are there on Microsoft's Preview site. First impression: They're on the right track. More on this to come in short order as Windows 10 development continues. IF you want, you can do it!