Antivirus And Anti-Malware Are Not The Same Thing


  The difference is not as big as it once was but since all computer viruses are malware one might think it doesn't matter. Well, it does matter. By definition a computer virus is capable of self replication whereas malware in general has a different mission; whether it be to steal your money or just spy on your computing environment if it does not attempt to replicate it's not a computer virus. It therefor stands to reason that Antivirus programs (think virus) and Anti-Malware programs (think spyware) differ to an extent. It therefor also stands to reason that you might want to run both in your computing environment.


   Obviously nobody wants any virus or any malware on their computer. The term "malware" is derived from two words and those would be "malicious software" so who wants that? Nobody. Sometimes (yes I've seen it happen) one can get by the other's protection and that can potentially mean trouble. Antivirus software such as Symantec's Norton, Kaspersky and AVG (there are free versions in some cases) will focus on scanning for replicator behavior and Anti-Malware software such as IObit's Advanced System Care and MalwareBytes (each making strides toward being more complete protection) want to keep you free from the spyware that comes through from general web surfing. Make the choice of "Best Practices" and protect your computing environment from both computer viruses and malware in general.



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