Yahoo Must Choose an Ad Partner


   It does appear that Yahoo has a very distinct decision to make in the very near future: continue with Microsoft, or engage in business with Google. It is all about revenue of course and that's where Yahoo has reportedly seen fairly consistent reductions with regards to its current relationship with Microsoft. This is all about ads and a lot of people nowadays do recognize Google as perhaps the leader in online advertisement. Yahoo used to be partnered with Google if they choose to do so again it may end up producing more revenue than what they've seen in being partnered with Microsoft. This is perhaps not as cut and dry as some people might think; it is not a simple thing but rather a complex business arrangement.

   The fact of the matter is that Yahoo has been in recent trouble financially, has a new CEO, new challenges across the board, and really needs to make sure they have the right partners when it comes to online advertising. Therefor one of the big decisions for Yahoo's new CEO will be partnering with the entity that will drive the most ad revenue that they can possibly achieve. There may be other choices but is staying with Microsoft one of them? Is Google the best possible choice? Yahoo is the only one that can make that decision and it's likely that they'll be making it rather soon because one thing that a new CEO is going to do would be to generate revenue for the Corporation.