Grum Botnet Shut Down

   There has been some very good advancement in the world of fighting cyber criminals and spam with the recently reported destruction of the Grum botnet. This was accomplished by a firm called Fire Eye, which has been fighting malware and spam for quite some time. This particular botnet had been responsible for millions of spam e-mail attacks over the last four years and According to Fire Eye, Grum has been eliminated. This is a time for celebration because any regular person that uses a computer and has received spam far too often should see some level of reduction in net spam because of the success of Fire Eye.

   One thing about defeating spammers is that they are aware that they are targets for security firms such as fire eye and they know how to move their operations quickly. This would be part of the challenge of defeating such an operation as Grum and it no doubt saw some difficulty but the operation to defeat it was completed successfully according to Fire Eye. Let's hope that firms such as Fire Eye continue with their pursuit of destroying spambots so that all the rest of us can have less invasion of our cyber existence.