Microsoft Wants Your Search

   Microsoft realizes that the majority of web searching is done using Google but they’d like to see that change. The company’s Bing search engine is widely used and it’s also the driving force behind Yahoo’s search engine; however, Google still retains a larger share of overall search activities. Since the number of searches conducted on any given search engine directly affects the advertising dollars generated therein, Microsoft has decided to put their money where their mouth is: Challenge people to take a close look at Bing and Google side-by-side and judge for themselves which is best. They believe that Bing has improved greatly over the last few years and think it’s possible to get people to change their search habits if they see that improvement.

    To that end Microsoft has begun advertising their “Bing it On Challenge” which many may have seen on the MTV Video Music Awards and is being advertised on nationwide TV as well as online. To take the challenge, people can visit and conduct multiple searches using both Bing and Google simultaneously. When they see the results they can rate them by choosing a winner between the two or calling it a draw. There is also a sweepstakes with many prizes which can be found at where entering requires only a tweet and could net entrants a new phone, tablet or even an X-box 360. The results of this challenge should be interesting as Microsoft continues to battle Google in several markets, trying to gain momentum heading into the release of Windows 8 in October.