83 million Facebook Accounts are Fakes and Dupes




   People should be aware of that creating a Facebook profile for your pet is actually a violation of Facebook's TOS (terms of service) and they can remove that account from public view. The roughly 83 million fake accounts consist of such things as people's pets or companies having actually created accounts as opposed to just creating a page. Resolvecomputer.com has a Facebook page which is what a website is supposed to do as opposed to having an actual account. The idea is to keep it real that is Facebook is about showing your face, showing the real you have use a fake name that puts you in one of the categories that exist among the 83 million that Facebook is attempting to categorize and rectify.

    Some such accounts are merely frivolous while others are "undesirable" (such as duplicates for the purpose of integrating with other sites) and others still are completely malicious. This is what Facebook has to deal with to determine the difference in weeding out the bad content from what is displayed throughout Facebook's cyber existence. Given that Facebook has in excess of 900 million monthly users is not terribly surprising that 80 million have some type of less than desirable attributes. Those attributes must be studied by Facebook so that they can reassign or eliminate such accounts appropriately without actually doing damage to anything that is real. Good luck Facebook-you have a task in front of you :-)